So what do you think of OpenNETCF?

The OpenNETCF Survey

As we are approaching our first anniversary (and so is the .NET Compact Framework
itself which was officially announced last March) we are interested to understand
what you think of the code, articles etc we have created so far and what you would
like to see from us in the future. We would really appreciate it if you could spare
a few minutes to fill in our short survey,
you can fill it anonymously if you like or if you provide details you’ll be entered
into a draw for some secret OpenNETCF goodies – we’ll announce the winner during the
upcoming MDC 2004 week.



Microsoft Mobile Dev Con just over a month away

Kevin Lisota has just posted about his excitement for the upcoming MDC in San Francisco. It’s shaping up to be a really interesting event and of course OpenNETCF will be providing an exciting session:-

“CLI345 – Developing Real-world Smart Device Applications with Visual Studio .NET 2003, .NET Compact Framework and OpenNETCF SmartDevice Framework

The .NET Compact Framework is a powerful tool for a mobile developer. To fully utilize its potential in a real-world application, a developer needs access to the native API and intrinsic Windows CE controls. OpenNETCF SmartDevice framework is designed to address these needs.”

There will also be a number of worldwide events to follow offering MDC content nearer to you.

Find your way around the API maze

This Win32
to .NET mapping article
on MSDN caught my eye recently. It’s aim is to show the
mapping between Win32 API functions and their managed equivalent. This is for the
full desktop framework, would you be interested in a Compact Framework equivalent?

Since Compact Framework development generally requires a fair bit of P/Invoke its
useful to know which functions are already available in managed form (its very easy
to start P/Invoking functions to find an equivalent is already available in the Compact
Framework or an OpenNETCF library). It would also be useful to show which functions
can and cannot be P/Invoked directly…