InTheHand.UI v9.0

I’ve updated InTheHand on NuGet and added the accompanying library containing UI functionality (InTheHand.UI). The main shared piece of functionality here is the MessageDialog (ala Windows.UI.Popups) and this works across all the Windows platforms (Including Windows Phone Silverlight) and iOS and Android. The appearance of the dialog is as the native experience with one exception…… Continue reading InTheHand.UI v9.0

Charming Updates

I’ve made a couple of steps forward with the Charming project: 1. I’ve added a new library for Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 Silverlight to provide a “Universal Apps” style ResourceLoader for Silverlight (.resx) resources. It currently supports the default AppResources string table only but this is enough in most cases to reduce your #ifdefs… Continue reading Charming Updates