Want to know more about OpenNETCF.Security.Cryptography?

As Sam points out, the OpenNETCF.Security.Cryptography library was donated to the OpenNETCF codebase by fellow MVP Casey Chesnut. So a good source of information about how the library is built is Casey’s original article on the subject. The library is designed in such a way that it follows the object model of the System.Security.Cryptography namespace in the… Continue reading Want to know more about OpenNETCF.Security.Cryptography?

Understanding AcceptChanges and DataAdapter.Update

Bill Ryan from KnowDotNet and Devbuzz has posted an article clearly describing the issues around DataSets which arise commonly on the newsgroups and discussion forums. http://msmvps.com/williamryan/posts/5679.aspx These include “Why does calling AcceptChanges followed by DataAdaptor.Update do nothing to the database” and “why doesn’t calling Remove on a row doesn’t remove the row from the database”.… Continue reading Understanding AcceptChanges and DataAdapter.Update