P/Invoke Wiki

Heres an interesting concept:-


It’s a Wiki solely devoted to collecting P/Invoke declarations for API functions. It’s desktop windows specific of course. I’ve been thinking about something like this that we could host at OpenNETCF.org to provide a searchable reference to Windows CE P/Invokes – should we start a P/Invoke Wiki?

3 thoughts on “P/Invoke Wiki

  1. Peter,

    Yes, I think a P/Invoke WiKi being hosted at OpenNETCF.org would be a great idea!


  2. Great, great idea.

    There are already some samples on MSDN, but you can’t never get enough 😉

  3. Seems like there is some interest, I will setup a beta and we can see how much activity it creates, if there are a number of active contributers it could become a useful home for p/invoke and similar information – our own .NETCF Knowledge Base of sorts.


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